~Illumination through Movement~

The Dance of the Tao opens a person to flow as a river, relaxed and full of wild wisdom.  The practice opens a person to ecstasy, surprise and their unique soul.  The body becomes a  movement mandala and the spirit or true essence is illuminated.

This Taoist movement path follows the yin-yang as a symbol representing the dualities of life.   Dance of the Tao plays with dualities such as masculine and feminine, fast and slow, light and dark, open and closed, big and small, willfulness and willingness, gravity and flight, movement and stillness.  We practice dualities in our dance, playing with the full spectrum, to expand our possibilities for motion, and find our personal balance.

Dance of the Tao retreat moves as a river through life.  We practice being relaxed & alert in the rapids as well as enjoying the free-fall of the waterfalls in life.  We find the tools that work best for our soul and dissolve into the mystery as the river merges into the ocean.   This Taoist dance retreat uses the river metaphor to help you connect to your inherent wild wisdom.

Dance of the Tao begins with the physical body to cultivate stability.  The practice infuses the body with energy by slowly increasing the tempo of the beat and hence our movement.  As the tempo increases, energy revitalizes the body and opens the heart to experiencing emotions fluidly.   Finally, we invite spirit into the energy that is filling our bodies.  This is where Dance of the Tao allows for effortless practice of flexibility in the mind.

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It is dangerous to keep
the hips still and the sacrum stiff
for the heart suffocates
I Ching - Chinese Proverb

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