This movement meditation class is an opportunity to dive deeper into your own personal dance.

Cultivate, craft and clearly shape your own soul's motion.  In the dance, we become soul weavers, weaving our body, heart and mind together - the current elements and the lost pieces - integrating the pieces that are new and releasing the aspects that no longer serve our true motion in life, our true essence.

We dance "like no one is watching" and let our spirits fly!

We surrender our soul to a place of intention -  a place where the physical body alone is not running the show, a place where the emotions of the heart alone are not running the show, and a place where the thoughts of the mind alone are not running the show.  We surrender to intent - a place where our body, heart and mind are connected and we are being danced.  We become a moving mandala for the soul and through this motion our spirit is illuminated.

May we all move through life with an illuminated spirit!