Embrace new possibilities!
Embody your full presence!
Enliven your passion!

As David Suzuki says, we are undergoing a "conscious evolution of our species."  We are all being called to re-create currency, work,  play, food, relationships to others, relationships with the Earth, and re-create ourselves!

Possibility, Presence & Passion is a conscious dance opportunity to envision, explore, expand and express your true essence.  We begin mid-spring as the sun cycle is encouraging blossoming, planting and fertility.  And, so we begin again ourselves, cultivating new motion, opening and growing in our dance. 

In May, we take four  weeks to explore and embrace the dance of possibility.   Not what we want the possibilities to be, not what we think they are and not what we feel they are...as we get out of our own way, we discover true possibility...and from what I have witnessed and experienced, true possibility is beyond the imagination.

In June, we practice embodying our full presence for four weeks.  We articulate possibility, disciplining the body and creating the boundaries we need to stay on our path.  Having intentions and possibilities isn't always enough...you need to act on them and to do this requires clarity, shaping, boundaries and discipline.  

Finally in July, we dance for five weeks, connecting to our fire and getting in touch with our true passion.  We become our own hero, rescuing our dreams and turning them into a reality...transforming the discipline and boundaries into inspiration.  We breath and dance our true passion into existence.

All participants are encouraged to keep a journal, wear comfortable clothing, and dance bare foot or in soft-soled dance shoes.  Please bring water to each session.