The human being is made up of four elements...Spirit, Body, Emotion, and Mind.  Because we are multifaceted beings, we need multifaceted ways of 'manifesting' our unique wishes for our world and ourselves.  The human spirit is embodied in this physical existence and given exquisite 'vehicles' for our Spirits (that which we call our body).

Dance has been an integral part of how we experience life, how we send our prayers, how we grieve and how we express joy, abandon, puzzlement, or any other emotion we face as human beings.  We are not whole humans if we do not dance!

Something interesting happens in our body-mind through movement.  We actually have 10 minds in our body.  The brain is one...but not the most important one!  I won't go into all of them, but the body-mind is one of the most powerful minds we have.  This wonderful body-mind has the ability to store memory and hold patterns that affect our behaviors, our ways of thinking, and our choices.  When we have a physical or mental or spiritual illness, it is simply a pattern or a memory, in the body-mind.  It may be connected to our spirit or our hearts, but it rests most deeply in the body-mind.  So it also goes that when we dance a healing alive in the physical...then we actually heal!  We create a new 'memory' of health and well-being that then becomes our reality!  Many old traditions of healers use dance and movement to change the body memory to restore a healthy and whole system.  It is called 're-membering'!  You are actually putting the wholeness back together in yourself through dance!

Dance is also a form of prayer in my tradition.  For us, prayer is breath.  It is something that we humans can use all of the time to bring beauty, strength, and healing to our world.  And it isn't about begging for something as penitent imperfect humans, but rather it is the process of standing as responsible humans with a gift to give, and seeing the healing...seeing the wholeness and beauty and trusting that if we can see it, and hold it then it will become true.  You see, in our world today sometimes people tend to spend alot of time 'seeing' the things in our world that don't work, that aren't beautiful or whole.  Therefore those things are grown.  So, dance is another way to pray.  In holding a high thought and then allowing our wonderful bodies and the fullness of our emotional mind to dance and move it into being, like a sculptor would play in clay, we can literally dance wholeness into being!

Dance can also be used to literally author your own life!  In the old tradition, and still today, if a person of the village had a powerful dream or vision, then that person would create a dance telling the story.  They may use others in the village to help them to bring the sleeping dream or the vision into this reality through this dance.  Then the dance would be offered to Life with celebration, with prayerfulness, or with determination.  The understanding was that in the enactment of the dance, the sleeping dream or vision came into this reality and was honored and the power of it was then birthed here.  This was one way to bring power to our ability to create healing or to create growth for ourselves and our people.

Dance is also a way to enact our connection to the rest of the universe!  We humans are made up of the intelligences of the is in us...and it is outside of us.  When we dance we allow the expression of the other elements of our world to express themselves through us as well!  It brings us that much closer to a sense of oneness with our universe and deep into relationship with all of Life!

Through dance, the human can express all of themselves, spirit, emotion and heart, (mind and thoughts)...and after all, one of the reasons we incarnate into this physical body is to find out what it feels like to have a body with all of its luxuriant senses... 

What would we do without the gift of dance as spirit beings come to discover the mystery of the physical form?

by WhiteEagle

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